About Us

Our Mission

The Richmond World Affairs Council is a civic organization dedicated to educating the public in our region about US foreign policy, global economic and environmental issues, and international politics through in-depth presentations and discussions.
We are a member of the World Affairs Councils of America

Our Programs

The Richmond World Affairs Council hosts a speaker series with recognized experts providing lectures on critical issues from a variety of viewpoints. It also sponsors an annual Great Decisions discussion forum, which provides the public with opportunities to actively engage each other in dialogue about the great foreign policy issues that confront our country. Finally, our Council partners with community groups, corporations, colleges and universities to promote an interest in world affairs, especially among members of the next generation.

Throughout the year, the Council:

  • Delivers relevant and impactful programs that inform and challenge new thinking about global issues
  • Convenes diplomats, global business leaders and topical experts for forums and round table discussions
  • Cultivates future leaders through programming that drives professional development and enrichment
  • Collaborates with local and national organizations to enrich dialogue on critical international topics
  • Fosters a community of members connected by their desire to deepen their understanding of the world

Our Partners

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